Advertising on Instagram

How to Take Advantage of This Marketing Opportunity?

Advertising on Instagram is one of the most effective ways to get brand recognition for your products and services. Instagram has become very popular since it was launched last year. Almost all the leading companies have an account on this social networking site. The users can post new pictures and images related to their daily life and also add videos to give a longer view to their page. There are a number of advertising options available on this platform. For instance, if you are an entrepreneur who wants to advertise your products and services you can upload promotional ads related to the product or service which can be easily targeted by the users.

When it comes to advertising on Instagram you need to be clear about your target audience. If you want to reach a global audience then you can use geo-targeting option in order to increase the reach of your ads. If you want to reach an audience with different interests then you can combine both new and targeting options. You should also create a separate account for your business in order to ensure that you do not lose customers on mistake. This will help you in measuring the results of your ad campaign.

Before starting to advertise on Instagram, you need to create a customized ad schedule for yourself. You have to decide the best days when you will run your ads. If you plan to run multiple ads on Instagram then it is better to make a separate ad schedule for each one. There are several ad managers available online which can help you create a suitable ad schedule for each user. This will also help you to monitor the results of each ad campaign.

In order to ensure that your campaign is successful, you should create separate profiles for each user and set up separate ads groups for each profile. This will help you track the performance of all your advertising campaigns and understand them in a better manner. You can also share the ad formats on Instagram and give your audience a choice to follow you or not. If you are running multiple ads then it is better to use a single ad format so that users won’t get confused while browsing through the different options. Use keywords in your ads so that they are visible to users. If you are able to increase the number of clicks by users, it will increase the traffic on your site.

You have to know who your target audience is so that you can plan your advertising campaign accordingly. If you are targeting the youth segment, then you should focus on offering useful information or games so that they can easily find what they are looking for. On the other hand, if you are targeting corporate audience, then your ad content should be informative as well as presentable. Provide the readers with benefits or features of your product so that they don’t mind sharing it with their friends or peers. Remember that it is important to reach out to the right audience so that you can increase the brand awareness of your product and services.

Hootsuite is one of the most powerful social media marketing platforms that allow users to share ads and content that the owners create. The platform is free to use and it is very easy to manage. You need to keep an eye on your competitors and see what kind of campaigns they are running. If you are targeting the right audience, you can easily make your Hootsuite account popular and generate quality leads and sales. Once you start advertising on Instagram, you will notice that it generates more traffic and leads than other methods of advertising.